AC Power Interruption Counter Circuit

Simple and easy circuit designed to count the occurrence of power supply interruption. This circuit will help us to count the AC power interruption using Seven segment display from 0 to 9 (you can design two digit counter by adding another counter stage) and also we can reset the count when needed.

This circuit contains three stage, first one is AC power input stage, second stage is opto coupler & johnson decade counter then final third stage is number display.

Circuit diagram

Construction & Working

First stage of this circuit is getting AC power that need to be counted on interruption, by using polyester capacitor C1 and Bridge Rectifier high voltage AC supply is bring down to low Voltage DC then IC2 (opto coupler detector) MCT2E dects the interruption to the AC supply, this event clock is counted by the IC CD4033 (5 stage johnson decade counter) and drives the seven segment display LTS543.

A Reset switch is connected at the pin 15 of IC1, this circuit needs separate DC power source at 9V.

[stextbox id=”alert” caption=]”This circuit involves in handling of High AC voltage so take extreme care to avoid lethal shock”[/stextbox]


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