AC to DC 12V Regulated Power supply

In Many electronic projects output actuators or ouput device needs 12 volt regulated power supply like, LCD, Graphic Lcd and DC geared motors. This Circuit brings Regulated 12 Volt DC from bridge rectifier and a IC7812, this circuit uses 100uF capacitor as a simple filter to remove large ac ripples form rectified DC, and the capacitor 0.1uF capacitor removes small size ac ripples from Regulated DC ouput.

AC to DC 12v

Components List

S.No Name Quantity
1. Diode 1N4001 4
2. Capacitor 100uF & 0.1uF each 1
3. IC 7812 1

Note: Step down transformer is not illustrated in this circuit diagram.

3 thoughts on “AC to DC 12V Regulated Power supply

    1. NO, your step down transformer outputs 15v Sine wave (AC). Hence by using a full bridge rectifier you can convert it to 15 volts DC

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