DC-DC Boost Converter using MC34063A

DC-DC Boost converter circuit constructed by using IC MC34063A, the MC34063A series is a monolithic control circuit containing the primary functions required for DC- to -DC converters.

Hence it requires minimum number of external components for step up, step down and voltage inverting operations.

Circuit Diagram

Construction and Working

This circuit is designed to give 12V/1.5A output from minimum 5V DC input main part of this step up DC-DC converter is IC MC34063A, it is capable of taking input from 3.0V to 40V and gives output current range upto 1.5A with Adjustable output Voltage and also it has current limiting possibility and low standby current.

MC34063A Pinout

Value of R1 and R2 Resistors are responsible for internal oscillating frequency and VR1 is takes control on efficiency because it is connected between output and internal comparator.

Here L1 is 100µH or you can make core coil with 30 turns of 22 AWG, the MBR340 schottky barrier rectifier gives pure DC at output.This circuit can be used for step up DC supply from batteries.


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  1. i tried this circuit but i get fixed output which is 11.1v, can you please explain more to me how it works?


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