Fluorescent lamp driver

Fluorescent lamp driver

Construction and Working

This circuit is constructed with timer IC555 as pulse driver for fluorescent light, the timer IC is configured as multi-vibrator by the timing resistros R1, VR1 and capacitor C1. Output switching pulse is taken from pin 3, this pulse duration can be varied by varying VR1 resistor.

The transistor BD243C acts as switching trnasistor, here stepdown transforer (0-3V) is used to drive 4 watts fluorescent lamp. The lamp is connected at the primary winding, switching circuit is connected at the secondary winding, by the switching pulse EMF is produced at secondary winding this EMF induces primary winding hence by stepup process high voltage is produced at primary, this is enough to drive 4 watts fluorescent lamp by connecting battery and charger circuit we can use it as emergency light.

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