Seven segment visitors Counter

                  This circuit very useful for to count the visitors entering into a hall or leaving from the hall, It will help us to find total number of people present in the hall.

Keep in mind that the counter should be placed where only one person crosses at a time.

Circuit diagram


In this project we used CD4026 IC which is a Johnson decade counter and output decoder which converts the Johnson code to a 7 segment for one stage. Hence we used two CD4026 ICs for to get two digit output.

Construction model


                  The LDR (light dependent resistor or photocell) is used as sensor, This will sense the shadow of a person crossing its way. This circuit constructed with reset option hence we can reset the count at any time, the seven segment LEDs used in this circuit are common cathode type.

Components List

S.No Name Quantity
1. IC CD4026 2
2. Seven segment common cathode LED 2
3. LDR (photocell) 1
4. Transistor BC547 1
5. Push button switch 1
6. LED (white high bright) 1
7. Resistors 1KΩ

Data sheet You can get IC CD4026 data sheet here…

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