Simple Mains operated LED Night Lamp

⚠️ Warning, the following circuit involves in handling of High Voltage avoid if you don’t have experience in working with High voltage.

Simple Mains operated LED Night Lamp without any step down transformer gives enough light luminance. This LED night lamp designed with few easily available components.

Here we have used white LEDs as target load you can use different colour LEDs as a target load depends on your design need.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required

5D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7LEDLED_D5.0mm6

Construction & Working

To start with the construction of Simple Mains operated LED Night Lamp connect 220nF/400V capacitor to the mains supply terminal, here R1 is connected parallel to the capacitor C1 and these elements step-down the AC supply. A Bridge Rectifier module W06 used here to convert AC supply into DC.

At the Positive terminal output of Bridge Rectifier serially connected LEDs anode terminal is connected and then Cathode terminal is connected with bridge rectifier negative terminal.

Remaining AC terminal of bridge rectifier is connected to the mains supply terminal through R2 Resistor. Use the following Gerber files for fabricating the PCB.


Simple mains operated LED night lamp PCB Gerber files.

Interactive Board Viewer


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