Simple USB battery charger circuit

nicd battery 1.2v

By using this circuit we can charge nickel – cadmium battery through USB port available in computer. Here the DC supply voltage (5volt) taken from USB port (Red wire +5V and Black wire GND), the green LED connected with R1 resistor is to indicate the supply. Diode D1 protects reverse polarity supply, take extra care on battery polarity while connect with this circuit.

usb battery charger

[stextbox id=”warning”]Do not connect single battery, don’t connect battery in wrong polarity.[/stextbox]

One thought on “Simple USB battery charger circuit

  1. Really Thanks for making this out!.
    I opened up my Trimmer to change the battery and was quite surprised to find it used a 1.2V battery despite taking input from 5V source. I saw the components and kinda figured the did the voltage switching passively, and was happy to find out it was similar to your circuit diagram!.
    Thanks for the help

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