Variable Regulated Power Supply IC LM317

Variable Regulated Power Supply IC LM317

Τhis circuit gives regulated dc power with variable voltage level, here IC LM317 used as a regulator and variable resistor R2 adjust the output voltage. output from this circuit can be varied from 1 volt to 30 Volt depends on the applying maximum Dc input to the regulator IC.

Components List

S.No Name Quantity
1. Diode 1N4001 5
2. Capacitor 1000uF & 0.1uF & 10 uF each 1
3. IC LM317 1
4. Resistor 18 K & 220 R each 1
5. Variable Resistor 10 K 1
6. Stepdown transformer 230V to 25V-500mA 1


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