Arduino IDE 1.6.9 Released

Last Updated on December 2, 2017

arduino ide 1.6.9

Happy to see the brand new arduino IDE 1.6.9 with Yun shield support, make lot of IoT without hesitation. The new Yun shield option allows us to upload the arduino code over the air (Yes ofcourse through internet).

arduino ide1.6.9

Arduino Software Release Notes:

This version of IDE comes with the statement of fixing some long standing issues.

-> The problem with FTDI serial ports on windows rises with arduino IDE 1.6.8 has been fixed.

-> The update popup is no-longer always on top.

-> Error reporting multiple sketches now works correctly in all aspects.

-> The AVR core now recognizes if a new bootloader is present and uses a safe RAM location to trigger programming.


Release Notes

It would be better if

When I browse on internet i have noticed about Programino IDE, which provides so many features as professional likes.

Programino is the integrated development environment for Arduino & Genuino. It is an comfortable easy to use alternative IDE for arduino and compatible microcontroller boards.

Supported Languages by Programino

Arduino file (*.ino)

Header file (*.h)

C file (*.C)

C++ file (*.Cpp)

HTML file (*.html)

HTM file (*.htm)

Java script file (*.js)

CSS file (*.css)

text file (*.txt)

Notable Features of Programino

  1. Custom Syntax-Highlighting and Syntax-Style
  2. Code Autocompletion, Snippets and Information “hints”
  3. Code Folding
  4. Find & Replace
  5. Simple IDE and Editor Configuration
  6. Project Explorer
  7. Object Explorer
  8. Hex-File Extraction for Production
  9. Hardware Viewer
  10. 2x UART-Terminals
  11. Value Converter
  12. Dot-Matrix LCD-Designer
  13. RGB-LED Color Selector
  14. Serial Analog Plotter
  15. Export Function to Arduino IDE
  16. Use all Arduino libraries
  17. HTML5 Web-Editor for IoT with Arduino/Genuino

Like that the Official Arduino software having these features means that would be more enjoyable by the artists, makers and professionals.

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