Breakout Boards in Electronics

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Prototyping and developing new Embedded Electronics becomes easier than ever due to the help of breakout boards. Lot of easy to Interface breakout boards are manufactured by different companies and they provide library file for that breakout board component or sensor to make it very easy to interface and program with microcontrollers & micro controller development platforms.

What is Breakout Board?

Breakout boards are piece of Printed Circuit Board with electronic Sensors, ICs, and components with Interfacing Terminals.

Breakout boards are very useful to interface advanced components and sensor with micro controllers and it helps to reduce the messy wire connections in the prototype and embedded projects.

Through Hole Components

May every electronic designers and makers know about the through hole components and they can be soldered with a PCB or can be used in a bread board. like this one,

To construct a large circuit with these components we need to be careful in each nodes, terminals connections and lot of wires makes the whole circuit as a complex thing.

Surface Mount Device

By the arrival of SMD ( Surface Mount Device) or SMT (Surface Mount Technology) based components and SMD ICs, bread board becomes unable to support SMD components due to the size, here the rise of breakout boards gets started.

Breakout Boards

You may aware of Breakout board if you tried Arduino or Microcontroller development platforms, Electronic component manufacturers are in competition to reduce the size by this impact lot of Sensors, ICs are comes in tiny SMD packages, Electronic makers like us needs those components with ability to connect with bread board or micro controller board So the Breakout Boards satisfies our needs. SMD friendly bread board may come in the future, who knows?

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