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Last Updated on April 26, 2024

theoryCIRCUIT brings you the most useful HEX to ASCII Converter and ASCII to HEX Converter tool, which will help you to calculate exact value for your microcontroller or computing based projects.

HEX to ASCII and ASCII to HEX Converter

HEX | ASCII Converter

This converter tool will help you to convert you HEX Numbers to ASCII Character and also ASCII Charters to HEX Numbers. By entering any inputs in the field, we can get converted Number, Character or String output. Some HEX Number input give empty ASCII results, for an example HEX Number 20 gives (Space) ASCII Character Result.

HEX Numbers

HEX or Hexadecimal Numbers or important element in numerical system, which is widely used in Microcontrollers, Digital Electronics and Computers to represent large binary data bits in short human readable number format. We know that HEX (Hexadecimal) is base-16 number and it have 16 distinct characters to represent numbers that is 0 to 9 for to represent 0 to 9 decimal numbers and A to F for to represent 10 to 15 decimal numbers. Each digit in the HEX number corresponds to a four bit binary sequence for to represent binary bits in compact and easily readable form.


Hexadecimal Numbers based Op codes are very easy, when compared to Binary digits. isn’t it!

ASCII Numbers

ASCII is a short form of American Standard Code for Information Interchange and it is a character encoding standard used in the computers to represent TEXT characters and CONTROL Characters and SYMBOLS. ASCII assigns a unique numeric value to each character and allows computers to store and transmit textual data. ASCII uses a 7-bit binary code to represent 128 different characters. When we use Microcontrollers, Embedded Systems with Computers then we need HEX to ASCII converter for help.

Hex to Binary and ASCII Converter

HEX to Binary and ASCII Converter



HEX and ASCII Converter

For an Example if you give "CIRCUIT" as input in Enter ASCII field then click covert to HEX you will get "43495243554954" as updated result in HEX field. Here C=43, I=49, R=52, U=55, T=54. Give proper input and get converted results.

The above tool takes one HEX character as four bit binary and two HEX character as 8-bit Binary, But for every ASCII character input it take as 8-bit input and gives output in two digit HEX Numbers.

Use HEX to Binary and ASCII converter tool to easily convert numbers into binary bits. Hope this tool will help you to solve HEX and ASCII conversion problem.

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