Resistor Color Code Calculator for 4 Band

Last Updated on May 8, 2024

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Resistor Color Code Calculator for 4 Band.

Resistor Color Code Calculator

Resistor Color Code Calculator

4 Band Resistor


As we know a 4 Band Resistor is a type of Fixed Resistor in through hole package with two terminals, these are commonly used in electronic circuits to limit the current and drop the voltage level. These four band Resistor indicates its value through four different colors and their positions. 4 Color Band Resistor will have priority to calculate its value as First Band (First Numerical Digit), Second Band (Second Numerical Digit), Third Band (Multiplier) and Fourth Band (Tolerance).

How to Calculate the Value of 4 Color Band Resistor?

To start decoding the Color of 4 band Resistor we need to identify the First or Last (Tolerance) Band, Most of these component comes with Gold or Silver Color Tolerance band that is last Band. So we need to position it to the right hand. Here the last tolerance band in right hand side. Now starting with the first color from left hand side. As previously said First Band color numerical value and Second band Color numerical value should be written down as it is. Then third band is multiplier ( 10color number ), Multiply the written numbers (First, Second digit) with the corresponding multiplier. Now we get the Resistor Value then final Last band is Tolerance band ± in percentage. Finally we get the Value of 4 band Resistor.

4 Band Resistor Color Code Chart

4 Band Resistor Color Code Table

4 Band Resistor Color Code Table

Color and Value First Band Second Band Multiplier Tolerance
Black (0) 0 0 1 Ω
Brown (1) 1 1 10 Ω ±1%
Red (2) 2 2 100 Ω ±2%
Orange (3) 3 3 1 kΩ
Yellow (4) 4 4 10 kΩ
Green (5) 5 5 100 kΩ ±0.5%
Blue (6) 6 6 1 MΩ ±0.25%
Violet (7) 7 7 10 MΩ ±0.10%
Gray (8) 8 8 100 MΩ ±0.05%
White (9) 9 9 1 GΩ
Gold (±5%) 0.1Ω ±5%
Silver (±10%) 0.01Ω ±10%

From old school method for remembering the Resistor color code, here is the simple and funny mnemonics “BB ROY Great Britain Very Good Wife Gold Silver” here the color code goes as Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Gray, White, Gold and Silver. So the Numeric and Multiplier Number (x10color) starts from 0 to 9.

Example to Calculate the Resistor Value.

Consider you are holding a four band Resistor with color code as Red, Red, Brown and Gold.

First Band Red = 2, Second Band Red = 2, Third Band Multiplier = 1 = *101, Fourth Band Tolerance = ±5%.

22*10^1=220 Ω Ohms with ±5% Tolerance, which means your Resistor will have Resistance value between 231 Ω to 209 Ω.

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