LED Driver in SOT-223 Package

IC NCR320Z / NCR321Z from Nexperia is a LED Driver in SOT-223 Package, It can drive 250mA output current without large numbers of external components. NCR320Z / NCR321Z LED driver consisting of a resistor equipped transistor with two diodes on one chip in a medium power SOT-223 surface mounted device (SMD) plastic package.

This single LED Driver has lot of features and benefits and they are listed here, It can give stabilized output current up to 10 mA without any external Resistor. Stabilized output current adjustable up to 250 mA when an external Resistor is used. By implementing this single device in our design we can reduce PCB board size and space. NCR321Z can be used to dimming function and it can utilize PWM input up to 10 KHz frequency. It can take supply voltage up to 16 V.

Pin Details

This single chip LED Driver can be used in Constant current LED Driver, Generic Constant current source, and different automotive applications.

Circuit Diagram

LED Driver in SOT-223 Package
PWM Dimming function

Components Required

  • IC NCR320Z / NCR321Z
  • Resistor 3Ω (Rext)
  • PWM source (μC or Arduino)

Components Stated here for experiment and testing purpose, It requires PCB design to implement in applications.

Construction & Working

We don’t need lot of external components to design a LED driver under 250 mA output current rating, By using IC NCR320Z from nexperia we can design compact size LED driver. Connecting LED array with bias and Iout pin is enough to complete the circuit, By Connecting 3Ω Resistor as Rext we can drive stabilized output current upto 250 mA.

IC NCR321Z from nexperia provides dimming option at output, here we can control LED brightness by applying PWM signal from 0 to 10 KHz at VEN pin. Use Micro controller or PWM output programmed Arduino as a source of PWM signal. This LED driver circuit can take voltage bias up to 16 V. Depends upon the target LED and its specification we can adjust the input bias.

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