Emergency LED Lamp

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Portable emergency LED lamp circuit with simple components and easy to make, here ten super flux white LEDs are used and this circuit powered by 4.5AH rechargeable lead acid battery.

Circuit Diagram

Construction & Operation

To construct this circuit choose 9-0-9v center tapped transformer and connect full wave rectifier circuit using two 1N4007 diodes. To indicate the power out from secondary winding of transformer an LED connected with half wave rectifier through 470Ω resistor.

The DC supply from the full wave rectifier (D2 – D3) is directly applied to the rechargeable battery, a switch is used here to turn on and off the output LEDs, the LED1 – LED10 are super flux white LEDs hence it will produce more light intensity.

Parts List

S.no Component name Value Quantity
1 Transformer 9-0-9v/1A 1
2 Diode D1 -D3 1N 4007 3
3 LED L1- L10 Super white LED 10
4 LED Green 1
5 Resistor R1 470 Ω 1
6 Sealed lead acid Battery 6v (4.5AH) 1

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