12 Volt Regulated power supply circuit using zener diode

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Here this circuit constructed with bridge rectifier and zener regulator. we can use this circuit as 12 volt power supply source for stepper motor, servo motor and peripherals need 12V.

Circuit Diagram

zener diode 12 volt power supply circuit

The step down transformer reduce AC supply to 15v AC and four 1N4007 diodes connected as bridge rectifier this will give regulated DC supply. This DC filtered by using C1 (470uF/16v) capacitor and then filtered DC supply fed into 12v zener diode by the way of zener break down the DC supply regulated in 12v. the transistor 2sc1061 drives the output supply to the load. (see zener diode tutorial here)



3 thoughts on “12 Volt Regulated power supply circuit using zener diode

  1. Hello. “transformer reduce AC supply to 15v AC”. How many Volt AC supply gets reduced to 15 Volts AC? – 220/230 volts AC … 110 Volts AC ….?

    Thank you.

    1. Circuit uses 230 volt a.c. to 15 volt a.c transformer , common size for swimming pool lighting .

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