9V Regulated Power supply Circuit – Current stabilizer

Last Updated on April 14, 2024

IC LM723 is a Voltage Regulator from Texas Instruments designed for Series Regulator applications. By using External Transistors we can get desired output current. It can be used as Current Regulator or Shunt Regulator. It comes in PDIP, TO-100 and NAJ0020A Package. It can handle 150mA Output current without external pass transistor. Provides Current limit, Current Sense and frequency compensation.

9V Regulated Power supply Circuit – With Current Stabilization

9 V Regulator Power supply (stabilizer)

Components List

1.IC LM7231
2.Transistor 2N30551
3.Capacitor 2200uF/25V
Capacitor 470pF
4.Resistor 2.7K
Resistor 750R
Resistor 10R
Variable Resistor 1K

This circuit brings regulated DC output from unregulated DC input supply, the famous linear regulator IC 723 is used in this circuits. This is constructed with few components like resistor, capacitor and a transistor.

We can get different level of output dc by varying variable resistor R3 1K ohms placed near regulated DC output terminals.

NOTE: this circuit illustrated without step-down transformer and Rectifier circuits, hence it is compulsory. (If you DC from AC power supply). This circuit designed to give 9 V Regulator Power supply.

IC LM723 Datasheet.

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