Lost Plane Identification System Using Radio Frequency Interface

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

lost plane


In order to reduce the social panic triggered by plane accidents, an effective approach is urgently needed to look for the missing passenger planes and then comfort the family of person who lost their lives in the accident. By analyzing the inherent features and motion law of the accident plane, this project proposal puts forward a differential dynamic model based method for locating the plane been lost, which can effectively compensate the inherent deficiencies of radio position finding method, such as invalid locating.

Firstly, this project proposal analyzes the instant conditions of the plane at its crashing moment and how these conditions are affected by the gravity and airflow resistance during its unpowered falling process, and as well as the plane falling trajectory. Then we establishes a dynamic model to determine the plane falling position and its corresponding search & rescue region through long range radio frequency spectrum and visual light indication for marine region. Finally our proposed approach is effective and has good robustness in such case of lost. This proposal is very significant to reduce the rescue cost of air crash as well as improve the success rate of rescue.

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