10 Watt Audio Amplifier Circuit

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Simple 10 Watt Audio Amplifier Circuit designed by using IC LM1875, it can drive 8Ω speaker and gives 10 Watt output. Lower power audio output required systems can use this 10 watt audio amplifier circuit, it requires few external components and low space circuit construction.

LM1875 is monolithic power amplifier offering very low distortion, this IC can deliver upto 30 watts when we use 30V bias. It has thermal protection and internal output protection diodes. It comes in TO-220 package.

Circuit diagram

Components Required

  1. Audio amplifier IC LM1875
  2. Loud Speaker 8Ω
  3. Resistor 82KΩ = 2
  4. Resistor 4.3KΩ, 10Ω each one
  5. Capacitor 4.7µ, 1000µF, 0.1µF each one

Construction & Working

IC LM1875 has only five pins, here two are input terminals, one is output terminal and remaining two for bias. Here audio input signal is applied to the Non inverting input terminal Inverting input terminal is connected between feedback Resistor R3 and to ground supply through R2, C1 elements.

IC LM1875 Pin details

In this audio amplifier circuit we except 10 Watts audio output only hence we have connected 8Ω loud speaker at output and applied +9V as a bias supply. Amplified audio output is fed into speaker through C3 capacitor.

The IC LM1875 provides low distortion level even at the high output power levels. It also has high gain and fast slew rate. This IC provides large output voltage swing so that speaker can respond well for output audio signal. This Amplifier provides internally compensated and stable operation for gain of 10 or greater.

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