Arduino Nano Matter the Latest Board from Arduino

Last Updated on March 26, 2024

Recently Arduino released Community preview about Arduino Nano Matter and enables waiting list. Later in January this year Arduino and Silicon Labs team up to make the matter protocol. Now they are setting up to release the board with title of “Enjoy your new automated home” and priced at $25, as they said this board comes with open-source connectivity standard (matter) for smart home and IoT applications. Definitely this board will make new way to approach IoT in Arduino way. Main chip in this board is, MGM240S ARM Cortex M33 microcontroller from Silicon Labs and provides Matter, Bluetooth and Thread wireless connectivity onboard.

Physical Look Of Matter Board

Nano matter board encompasses I2C, SPI and UART serial communication protocols and PWM, Digital I/Os, these are Very essential for to make communication between Microntrollers, Sensors and Actuators. Additionally this board have USB C connector.

Things on Arduino Nano Matter Board

Here are some interesting specifications for Arduino Nano Matter,

* It uses MGM240S multi-protocol wireless module from Silicon Labs which is the main Microcontroller, 32-bit ARM Cortex M33 at 78 MHz clock speed.

* 1536 KB Flash and 256 KB RAM, Internal Memory and well suited for IoT applications.

* It provides Secure Vault from silicon labs for security.

* Operates with 5V DC power supply from USB C and External power supply (IN5V, VIN).

* Having Analog Peripherals 12-bit ADC (x19), up to 12-bit DAC (x2), and Digital Peripherals GPIO (x22), I2C (x1), UART (x1), SPI (x1), PWM (x22).

* Provides JTAG/SWD debug port for Debugging.

* Board Dimensions and Weight = 18 mm X 45mm and 4 Gram.

Arduino Nano Matter Pinout

Internet of Things, home automation, professional automation, environmental monitoring, and climate control are the Target Areas for this Arduino Nano Matter board as per its claim. This board can be programmed with Arduino IDE, Arduino Web Editor and Arduino Cloud.

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