35 volt Dual power supply

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

When we make microcontroller based project +5 volt and GND bias is enough, if we wish to control stepper motor, high voltage geared motors then we need high voltage and dual polarity power supply.

Circuit diagram

35 Volt Dual power supply

Construction and Working

Here we given +35V -GND- -35V, 6 Amps dual power supply circuit, it starts with step down transformer (30-0-30V) and step downed  AC supply is rectified through 6 Amps bridge rectifier (here you can use four 6 amps 1N4007 diode to construct bridge rectifier).

This rectifier gives +ve and -ve supply 0 or GND taken from the center tapped transformers middle terminal, rectified DC is filtered by capacitors and output terminal is connected with 6 Amps fuse.

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