How the USB works?

Last Updated on March 28, 2024

Symbol of USB

usb icon

What is USB?

USB refers to universal serial bus. The easy way to connect peripherals with computer, laptop etc..,  USB port can connect maximum of 127 using a hub or daisy chaining. Computer USB port caries 5 volt power supply, hence we can connect Pen drive, hard disks, USB compatible devices without a separate power supply.

USB Types

USB port and connectors comes with different types but most used types are Class A and Class B or micro usb. It can transfer data at the rate of 12 Mbits/Sec for usb 3.0 and data flows through a bi-directional line.

Class A type                                                      Class B type 

usb class a
usb class b

USB pinout

USB type

Normal USB port has four lines as (VCC, DATA -, DATA +, GND), many operating system has own USB system software and drivers so it can be automatically detect the peripherals attached to the USB ports.

usb wiring

USB in Arduino

Well known arduino uno board uses class B type USB port and arduino clone board with class A type port.

                              Arduino Board with B type USB port

usb arduino

Arduino Clone Board with A type USB port

usb clone

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