Tracking transmitter circuit diagram

        This tracking transmitter circuit can be used for to track and identify the location of movable objects or animals. This beeping bug can be attached to any movables and we can track by using FM radio.

Circuit diagram for tracking transmitter

Tracking transmitter circuit

     This tracking circuit consumes low power and being compact hence we can use this circuit to track objects or animals.

Construction and Working

   This circuit designed to transmit high frequency short bursts. Operating frequency of this circuit is determined by c7 capacitor (39pF), here this circuit oscillates RF signal at 90MHz. Q1 transistor stage produces low frequency pulse and Q3 transistor with tank circuit produces 90MHz RF signal. To extend the transmitting range increase antenna wire length.

This circuit powered by 3V battery, by placing c7 capacitor as variable capacitor we can get variable RF frequency, this is not powerful transmitter to transmit very long distance but keep in mind that you can use only free fm bandwidth in your country.


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