RF signal detector circuit

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

        This circuit can be used to detect the RF signal and electromagnetic noise signal. These RF interference signal may produced by several electrical and induction appliances, if you are designing RF based circuit means you need to protect your design from these noise.

Circuit diagram for RF signal detector

RF signal detector circuit

To identify the presence of RF signal noise this circuit helps a lot.

Construction and Working

  This circuit constructed with LM386 operational amplifier with transistor pre-amplifier using BC550, if you want to detect high frequency RF noise means you should pre-amplify the noise signal. The speaker connected to the output of op-amp gives sound indication while the circuit detects the RF noise.

 This circuit operates with 9V DC power supply, here you can use battery power source. The SW1 and SW2 used to change the detection mode of this circuit to low RF noise and high RF noise.


4 thoughts on “RF signal detector circuit

  1. Hi thank you for this information.
    I’m finding the circuit for simple FM receiver.
    I wonder what ‘To identify the presence of RF signal noise’ mean.
    Does it detects and ampllify only noisy in the rf signal?

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