100 Watt Amplifier Circuit using TDA7294

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

100 Watt Amplifier Circuit designed by using TDA7294 DMOS Audio Amplifier IC from st. For the loud and depth Audio output we go for higher watt output amplifier circuits. Following circuit will give you the best 100 watt result from 35V dual power supply. This 100 watt audio amplifier circuit is easy to design and has mute / stand by options. For 100 watts range amplifier circuit we need to put lot of power transistors and mosfets, here TDA7294V gives 100 watt audio output without any complex components.

IC TDA7294

The TDA7294 is a monolithic integrated circuit, comes in multiwatt 15 package. It is for use as audio class AB amplifier in Hi-Fi field applications. It has very high operating voltage range +/- 40V and high output power.

Pin Details of TDA7294

This IC TDA 7294 has muting / stand by functions, very low distortion, very low noise and short circuit protection and also thermal shutdown feature.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required (BOM)

1C7, C8220µFCP_Radial_D12.5mm_P7.50mm2
2C2, C922µFCP_Radial_D6.3mm_P2.50mm2
3C3, C410µFCP_Radial_D6.3mm_P2.50mm2
5C5, C6100nFC_Disc_D3.0mm_W1.6mm_P2.50mm2
6R3, R722KΩR_Axial_DIN0309_L9.0mm_D3.2mm_P15.24mm_Horizontal2
7R4, R510KΩR_Axial_DIN0309_L9.0mm_D3.2mm_P15.24mm_Horizontal2
13J2Audio INTerminalBlock_Altech_AK300-2_P5.00mm1
14J3Speaker OUTTerminalBlock_Altech_AK300-2_P5.00mm1
15J1+35V GND -35V DC SupplyTerminalBlock_Altech_AK300-3_P5.00mm1

Construction & Working

IC TDA7294 have Bipolar transconductance input stage, mos gain & level shifting stage, mos output stage and short circuit protection, external components are only for bias and filtering purpose.

This IC standby ON threshold voltage falls in 1.5V and stand by OFF threshold falls in 3.5V, by the way mute ON threshold voltage is 1.5V and mute OFF voltage is 3.5V, hence both pins are biased above 3.5V from +35V supply line. Use 8Ω / 100 watts speaker as load device to get expected output. Use all Resistors as 1 watt range and all capacitor as 60V range.


100 watt Amplifier circuit PCB Gerber file.

Interactive Board Viewer


2 thoughts on “100 Watt Amplifier Circuit using TDA7294

  1. Can ti be used to form a stereo for listening audio ? How can I collect the materials to make it in Kolkata ?

    1. This circuit designed as a mono audio output, you can use two separate circuit for Left and Right Audio as stereo. I don’t know about kolkata but you can buy 100 watt amplifier board or discrete components in electronic store and Online stores.

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