Audio Equalizer Circuit

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Simple Audio equalizer circuit constructed by using famous 5 band graphic equalizer IC LA3600, this is a monolithic linear IC from sanyo. This LA3600 IC can be used in portable stereo player, Audio mixer, simple audio amplifier circuit and wherever equalizer need.

IC LA3600 comes in DIP (Dual Inline Package) 16 pins, and it has on chip one operational amplifier and 5 band graphic equalizer for one channel, the equalizer can be formed by using simple capacitor and variable Resistor units. By connecting two LA3600 we can built 10 bands equalizer, by the way we can control different frequency bands.

Equalizer Circuit Diagram

Construction & Working

This circuit is constructed to operates with 12 Volt power supply and this LA3600 IC can have upto 20 volt Vcc supply, five different bands are separated by fixed capacitors and variable resistors. Each band output can be varied by using variable resistors (VR).

This circuit takes single audio Input, you can split stereo audio or you can equalize by two LA3600 ICs. Audio input signal is divided by variable resistors and given to separate base Inputs in the equalizer IC. Finally all base inputs are amplified together by internal op-amp and output audio signal comes out from pin 13.

You can use slide potentiometer instead of Variable Resistor (VR) for make the circuit more professional.

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