Simple Class D Amplifier Schematic

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

The simple Class D Audio Amplifier Circuit designed by using IC BD5460, It is a low voltage drive Class-D monaural speaker amplifier from ROHM semiconductor.

It requires only three external components and most suitable for low power mobile audio projects.

Circuit Diagram

BD5460 Amplifier can be made in two different categories they are Single-ended input and Differential input with coupling input capacitors. 8 Ohm speaker gives good output with these amplifier circuits.

IC BD5460GUL have some unique features,

  • No LC Filter required for this amplifier
  • Only three External components Required
  • Active and Shutdown option
  • Gives output power upto 2.5W
  • Gain 6dB
  • Analog differential input / PWM digital output with H-Bridge
  • Very small package 9-Bump WL-CSP.


IC BD5460GUL Datasheet

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  1. Hello! I want to make an amplifier with TDA8953th and the inputs are differential, it is a little confusing for me. Should I use the same principle as in operational amplifiers where one input is connected to the output through a resistor (the resistor which will determine the gain)? I have a doubt that for class D is another principle.

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