Sound Generator Circuit Using IC HK620

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

We take lot of effort to add sound output in electronic design, Here the simple Sound Generator Circuit Using IC HK620 will help us to add sound or tone to electronic prototype without lot effort.

The HK620 Integrated circuit from Honsitak electronics can produce six different sound effects and each sound has separate keys, hence this IC can works as a stand alone circuit.

It has one LED flasher circuit built in for sound output indication and this IC consumes only 3 volt during operation and most suitable for low power applications.

IC HK620

This IC comes in DIP 16-L package type, and each pin has individual operation. It works in a trigger mode fixed on level hold type. Sound or tone can be changed by the key and each key required Vdd supply as a trigger input.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required

  1. IC HK620
  2. DIP Switch 6 position.
  3. Speaker 8Ω / 0.25 watts
  4. Transistor BC547
  5. LED
  6. Resistor 470KΩ, 120KΩ, 33Ω each one
  7. Capacitor 0.1μF
  8. Battery 3V. (two AA battery with holder)

Construction & Working

This IC HK620 can support operating voltage from 1.8 V to 4.8 V and typical voltage for operation is 3 Volt, hence use two AA size battery (1.5V x 2 = 3 V), here we used 8Ω / 0.25 watts speaker and transistor BC547 for amplification purpose. 6 position DIP switch connected with key pins and Vdd supply pin, when the key goes high corresponding tone will generate.

In this circuit pin 10 (test) and pin 11 (out’) kept in open position. This circuit consumes 0.1 mA to 0.5 mA current during operation and utilize 1 to 10 μA current during stand by mode. This circuit is most suitable for security system design, Alarm system designs which does not requires micro controllers and we can utilize this circuit as a tone generator for our prototype.

Note:- This circuit provides Audible sound through speaker but if you need Huge audible sound then add amplifier and higher watts speaker at the output.

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