LED Tube Light Driver Circuit

Last Updated on March 30, 2024

230 Volt AC Direct LED Tube Light Driver Circuit designed with few easily available components. This Circuit can be build as 20 Watt or 10 Watt White LED Tube Light. This circuit involves in handling of High AC Voltage Handle with extreme care and also this is a Non-Isolated circuit hence don’t touch any part of this circuit while operation.

This AC LED Tube Light driver circuit connects 10 White LEDs either 2 watt or 1 watt in parallel. Place these LEDs in a straight line with some distance or in a round shape as you want.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required

S.NoDesignatorValuePart NumberQuantity
1RV1MOV 7D471K1

4D1Bridge Rectifier Module1
5D2 to D11White LED1 Watt or 2 Watt10

Construction & Working

This White LED circuit Construction without any transformer and it can be directly connected to the AC Mains supply from 110V to 230V, Frequency between 30Hz to 50Hz. First part of this circuit is Rectification and Second part is LED array. AC supply connected with Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV), this is a voltage suppression element, it will protect following circuit element from switching voltage and current surges.

Capacitor C1 and Resistor R1 allows minimum amount of AC supply to the Bridge Rectifier module, Here AC supply Rectified into DC supply then Capacitor C2 filters the AC ripples in DC supply. After that DC supply applied to the White LED array. When we switch ON the circuit then White LED array starts to glow.


  • It is Recommended to use LEDs with heat sink.
  • This is a non-isolated circuit do not touch any part of this circuit during its operation.
  • This circuit Handles High AC voltage which is very lethal, handle with extreme care.

Physical View of Used Components

1µF/400V Polyester Capacitor, MOV 7D471K, 1W LED, These are the special Components used LED Tube light driver circuit. Use discrete diodes (1N4007 x 4) to form bridge rectifier or use Bridge Rectifier module.

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