7W LED Bulb Circuit Diagram

Last Updated on March 31, 2024

Simple 7W LED Bulb Circuit Diagram designed to work by using 230V AC supply. This 7 Watt LED bulb circuit can be used as night lamp, Garden lamp or night time gate lamp. Transformer less circuit design makes this bulb very small and light weight. Hence it can be fitted into small case. Transparent epoxy resin or waterproof case makes this bulb as outdoor fit.

Construction of this 7 Watts LED Bulb circuit done in three parts, first one is stepdown elements, second Bridge Rectifier and voltage regulator elements, finally white LED Array.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required (BOM)

S.NoDesignatorValuePart NumberQuantity
1RV1MOV 7D471K1
105J Polyester

4D1Bridge Rectifier Module or 1N4007 X 41
5ZD116V/1W Zener diode1
6LED1 to LED7White LED1 Watt 7

Construction & Working

This Circuit operates in High AC Voltage (230V AC) Handle with Extreme Care.

230V AC Mains supply limited by using Polyester Capacitor C1 ( 1µF/400V ) and Resistor R1. Limited Voltage and Current through these elements Rectified by using Bridge Rectifier. Here AC voltage converted into DC Supply, RV1 Varistor used to protect the following Circuit from High voltage surges.

DC Supply from Bridge Rectifier is filtered by C2 Capacitor and Regulated by Reverse biased Zener diode. 1W White LED or high bright warm 8mm white LED connected in series and then connected with output terminals that is across to the Zener diode. Depends on our requirement we can Increase or decrease the numbers of LED in array. Before connecting LEDs in an array make sure about the LEDs Anode and Cathode terminals.

3W LED Bulb Circuit Diagram

Here 3W LED Bulb Circuit Diagram given with few simple modifications, that is Zener diode break down voltage and number of LEDs in array. By using this circuit we can connect single 3 Watt white LED.

Physical View of Special Components

Zener Diode, 1W White LED, Varistor, Polyester Capacitor

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