TV Remote Signal Jammer Circuit

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

We know most TV sets are using IR (Infra Red) remote control, By using these handy IR Remote we do control television things, Here this article is about TV Remote signal Jammer circuit, we don’t know how useful it is but for an try we developed TV Remote Jammer using timer IC 555 and IR LED.

Before prototype this circuit lets Refresh little info about Infrared light and TV Remote signal. First thing a TV Remote uses IR light for its communication because it is convenient and can not disturbed by environment lights and also it has narrow band and easy to use in target based communications.

A small portion in this electromagnetic spectrum is called as IR (infrared), It has longer wave lengths than visible light hence it can not be see through naked eye, it can be in 700nm to 1 millimeter wave length.

Every TV Remote with button will have unique code in HEX and it is transmitted through IR LED to TV set, there will be a IR Receiver placed inside TV and it receive & decode with help of demodulator and microcontroller circuits and then do necessary tasks.

A typical TV IR Remote transmits IR signal with start code, Field, Address and command these are varies depends on the buttons of remote.

You can control different home appliances with different remote buttons by using Arduino Universal Remote.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required

  1. Timer IC 555
  2. Transistor BC547
  3. IR LED
  4. Resistor 1KΩ, 10KΩ, 10Ω/1w each one
  5. Variable Resistor 100KΩ
  6. Capacitor 10nF
  7. Battery 9V

Construction & Working

In this circuit IC 555 employed as a Astable multivibrator and it will produce square pulse in the Range of 32 KHz – 40KHz and can be varied by using VR1, most TV set uses 38 KHz frequency for TV Remote communication and producing only carrier at 38 KHz by using this circuit will divert TV set from receiving TV Remote signal.

Note:-  This circuit is for educational purpose only,Each TV set may have different range of IR frequency      communication, Calibrate this circuit for your TV set. This Circuit IR LED should face towards TV and should be placed near to TV.

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