Simple Touch Switch Circuit

To Sense the touch event we don’t need complex circuits or micro controllers, we can sense the touch by using simple touch switch circuit using timer IC 555, here the touch switch circuit sense the event and makes output LED glow and it remains in glow for few seconds and then becomes off condition.

If you need touch to ON or OFF the appliances then you can refer this circuit. This simple touch switch circuit contains few easily available components. You can use any conductive material as a touch switch be sure to place these two plates near each other.

Touch Switch Circuit diagram 

Components Required

  1. IC 555
  2. Touch plate (refer text)
  3. Resistor 100KΩ, 470Ω each one
  4. Capacitor 10uF/25V, 0.01uF each one
  5. LED
  6. DC 6V power source (Battery or Regulated power supply source)
  7. Connecting Wires

Construction & Working

In this simple touch switch circuit timer IC 555 employed as a monostable vibrator. Hence the trigger pin is connected with touch plate, another touch plate is connected with ground supply. When the finger touches these plates then trigger pin receives low trigger signal and then timer will produce mono pulse at output pin depends on the timing resistor R1 and timing capacitor C1.

If you need long or short duration pulse at output you can get by changing capacitor c1 value. Here the circuit designed to show visible output and it can be used to drive any appliances through Relay interface.

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  1. nice and easy project sir can we use relay with this to control AC power,if we can use relay then please explain who can we use

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