Constant Current DC Power Supply Circuit using LM317

Last Updated on March 31, 2024

Some sensitive Electronic components and Integrated Circuits requires constant current source power supply hence we designed simple and easy to construct constant current DC power supply circuit using Three terminal adjustable regulator IC LM317.

This circuit will provide different voltage output according to the input voltage and constant current output depends on the value of Reference Resistor R1.

Circuit Diagram

Constant Current DC Power Supply Circuit

Components Required

  1. Step down transformer (0-9 V AC output)
  2. Diode 1N4007 = 4
  3. IC LM317
  4. Capacitor 100μF/16V, 0.1μF each one
  5. Resistor (Choose depends on your Requirement and calculate using Iout)

Construction & Working

To construct constant current DC power supply circuit first we need to build Rectifier circuit by implementing step down transformer and Bridge Rectifier. Here 230V input primary, 0-9V AC secondary step down transformer used and 1N4007 diode used to form Bridge Rectifier. Filter capacitors are C1, C2 placed to remove AC ripples from DC supply, then IC LM317 added to Regulate the current output.

IC LM317

IC LM317 from texas instruments is a three terminal adjustable regulator and it can handle output current up to 1.5A and it has internal short circuit current limiting options, Thermal overload protection circuit.

The Adjust terminal of LM317 is connected with output load after R1 (reference) Resistor and it acts as a current feedback.

Iout = Vref/R1

Vref = 1.25V for LM317

Use this formula to calculate R1 resistor value depends on your current output requirements.

In the prototype circuit, we have used 10Ω / 5W resistor and obtained 125mA constant current output DC power supply.

6 thoughts on “Constant Current DC Power Supply Circuit using LM317

    1. Short: yes and no

      With higher Uin you can use the current generator with a higher resistivity load (more Ohm). But with low resistivity you will end up with most of the input Vdc on the LM317, requiring a higher max power
      –> see max power of the LM317 to calculate if it is possible in your case

  1. Hi, Can you take a look at zketekch’s EBC-A40L battery tester. I want to build a high current output (constant current) at 20A and constant voltage 3.65v for balancing my LiFePO4 cells.

    Can you suggest a resource to which can help me build such a charging circuit. My bench power supply tapers off near the 3.4v on battery and charging speed is super slow at 2 Amps. I would like to get it to 20/40 Amps till 3.65 is reached.

    Your help is appreciated.

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