12V to 24V Voltage Doubler

Last Updated on March 27, 2024

When we need High voltage DC supply from Low voltage input supply we don’t need to implement new power supply source simply we can use Voltage Doubler circuit. Here 12V to 24V voltage doubler circuit designed with few Components.

This circuit will provide High voltage DC supply from Low voltage input AC supply. Here we taken 12V AC supply from Step down transformer and convert into DC supply by bridge rectifier and then using three electrolytic capacitor Increased the output DC Voltage.

Circuit Diagram

12V to 24V Voltage Doubler Circuit

Components Required

  1. Step down Transformer 230V AC to 12V AC / 1 Amps
  2. Bridge Rectifier module or (1N4007) = 4
  3. Electrolytic Capacitor 2200µF = 2
  4. Electrolytic Capacitor 4700µF = 1
  5. Connecting Wires

Construction & Working

This 12 Volt to 24 Volt doubler circuit given as example and in some places you don’t need stepdown transformer or rectifier, only if you have 12V DC supply. Here the first step is converting 230V of AC into 12V of DC Voltage. This Voltage Doubler provides high voltage by charging and discharging high value electrolytic capacitor. To start with constructing the Circuit we need to decide the input and output voltage from doubler circuit then only we can calculate the value of electrolytic capacitors value.

Vr = t*I/C
where Vr is the ripple voltage, I the load current and t the half-period.

different methods are used to calculate voltage doubler circuit capacitor value.

Result of the voltage doubler will be 2Vin, C1 and C2 capacitors are charging for both positive and negative cycles and then DC supply with Discharging voltage from C1 and C2 capacitors makes C3 Charging above the DC supply input (2Vin) and it appears at the output load.

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