Supercapacitor Circuit Design

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Supercapacitors may be termed as ultracapacitors or electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs), are small level Energy storage devices that can used in varies fields of electronic engineering. These devices stand out due to their exceptional energy storage and rapid charge discharge capabilities. Unlike traditional batteries, supercapacitors store energy between two layers, which gives them unique advantages.One of the most compelling features of supercapacitors is their ability to deliver bursts of energy quickly. Here basic Supercapacitor circuit design given for understanding and experimental purpose.


supercapacitors exhibit a significantly longer cycle life compared to batteries, making them a durable and reliable choice for applications that require frequent charge and discharge cycles. Supercapacitors find their place in the world of IoT and embedded electronics. They are employed for energy harvesting from sources like solar panels or kinetic energy, providing a stable power source for devices that need intermittent energy supply.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required

1C15.5V / 1FPinSocket_1x02_P2.54mm_Vertical1
2R2, R310KΩR_Axial_DIN0207_L6.3mm_D2.5mm_P15.24mm_Horizontal2
7LED1Green LEDLED_D5.0mm1

Construction & Working

5.5V / 1F Supercapacitor is taken for prototype and 5V DC supply is applied to it through R1 Resistor and Schottky diode 1N5817. This element protects reverse voltage from source. IC LM393 is used to indicate the charging status of Supercapacitor by comparing voltage between RV1 and Voltage divider (R2, R3), You have to tune the RV1 during initial charge. Green LED at the output terminal of LM393 Glows when the Supercapacitor gets full charge.

For to implement supercapacitor device into circuits, Voltage regulation is crucial to ensure that the supercapacitor operates within its voltage limits. Employ voltage regulation circuitry to prevent overvoltage scenarios that could damage the supercapacitor. Additionally, managing the charging and discharging processes is essential. Implement charge and discharge management circuits to control the rates at which energy flows in and out of the supercapacitor, ensuring efficient and controlled energy transfer.

Printed Circuit Board

Supercapacitor Circuit Design PCB Gerber Files.

Interactive Board Viewer


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