Google Self driving cars get ready to ride

Last Updated on December 2, 2017

 A car without a steering wheel, Accelerator, and break pedal yes that is google self driving car.


Transportation gets lot of changes from the past, we use vehicles to transportation of either humans or goods, In this century we use Aerotransport, marine and road transportation. Another step towards  future of transportation is driverless self driving cars, so many companies involved in this research, here google came out with successful self driving car.

 To say about these car it has no steering wheel, Accelerator and break pedal, this car is designed for ride not for drive.


This car has lasers, radars, and cameras to detect objects in all direction and these sensors are designed for self driving.

Flexible wind screen

Here new technology is introduced to protect pedestrians with flexible windscreen and foam like material in front area.

Electric batteries

This google self driving car uses batteries to power the vehicle, hence there is no carbon emission from this car.

Computing Hardware

A special designed computing hardware for self driving is placed in this car. It controls the cars speed and movements with respect to the commands and readings from sensor.


The interior designed for riding and not for driving, there is two seats for passengers and some space for belongings. A start button and emergency stop button, A screen to show the route from google map.

Backup systems

The self driving car has a special backup system for steering, breaking, computing and more. A special designed software provides instruction to the car hardware to drive point A to B without any human interference.

We can expect these cars in our roads near future.


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