Audio Amplifier Circuit Using TDA7052

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

Simple Audio Amplifier Circuit Using TDA7052 gives 1 Watt mono Audio output. IC TDA7052 is 8-lead dual in line plastic package device designed for battery fed portable Audio applications. IC TDA7052 has some special features that is No external components for its operation, gives good overall stability. Low power consumption hence no external heat sink required.

IC TDA7052

Pin 1 VP supply voltage,
Pin 2 IN input,
Pin 3 GND1 ground (signal),
Pin 4 n.c. not connected,
Pin 5 OUT1 output1,
Pin 6 GND2 ground (substrate),
Pin 7 n.c. not connected,
Pin 8 OUT2 output2,

Features of TDA7052

It is a 1 W BTL mono audio amplifier,

  1. If you are giving controlled audio input and regulated power supply then this IC don’t need external components for its operation.
  2. Low Power Consumption
  3. No external heatsink required
  4. Comes with short circuit protection.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required (BOM)

6J26V DCTerminalBlock_Altech_AK300-2_P5.00mm1
7J1Audio I/PTerminalBlock_bornier-2_P5.08mm1

Construction & Working

IC TDA 7052 has all the required circuits inside so that we can directly connect Audio input signal and speaker to this IC. Here Audio signal is connected to the input pin2 and pin 3 is connected to the Audio signal ground. Speaker (8Ω) connected between pin 5 and pin 8. This circuit operates with 6V DC power supply.

This Circuit gives good frequency response 20Hz to 20KHz. IC TDA7052 supply voltage range lies between minimum 3V and maximum 18V, typical 6V DC. Total quiscent current maximum 8 mA. Voltage gain of TDA7052 internally fixed to 40 dB. Between pin 5 and pin 8 maximum 100 mV Audio output can be obtained, Input impedance of this circuit is 100KΩ.

Printed Circuit Board

Simple Audio Amplifier Circuit Using TDA7052 PCB Gerber files.

Interactive Board Viewer


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