Five Reasons to be a electronics engineer

Last Updated on December 18, 2015

Why you are an electronics Engineer? Ask the question yourself. I have asked the same question to myself that question gives me five reasons.

1. Place to Study


It is everyday task for an electronic engineer, because by studying the engineering syllabus you can get degree but if you want to become a professional electronics engineer you have to study every day about the electronics world. Each and every day, each and every hour new innovations, new designs and concepts are happening in the electronics world. Hence it is a continuous process for an electronic engineer to update themselves.

2. Place to Play


You can play with what you learned. Whenever you learn something about electronics, instantly you can test, drive, play and enjoy. For an example, the professor taking class on passive components circuits (Resistor, Capacitor and Inductor) you can do experiment with passive component in your own home lab. Consider this example, the professor taking class on satellite (can you play?) of course, if you are interested in playing with satellite visit.

3.Ever Green

Whenever you looking at electronics it remains evergreen field. Starting from vacuum tube electronics still now nano electronics etc… It will always evergreen. Demand for electronics engineer keeps growing always not only on the earth but also in the space. You cannot classify hobby without electronics hobby, electronics field always connects people together.


Finding technology without electronics is very hard thing to do. Every engineering field requires electronics in any form of technology. In this modern world electronics plays major role from the starting to ending of a human life. Technology is large to list out but we can find electronics in each one of it.

5.Spider web

I think it is suitable word to say about electronics. Because electronics field is important in human life, communication, internet, Satellite, global economics etc… Whenever you are looking at any electronic component, you can confidently say that should be travelled many miles (starting from innovation to distribution) to reach your hand.

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