High Intensity LED Strobe Circuit

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Strobe light device need to produce regular flashes of light and it can create
stroboscopic effect. Here high intensity LED strobe circuit designed with timer IC 555 and few external components. Here we have used 1 watt white LED to produce high intensity light.

Timer IC 555 is configured as Astable multivibrator and it will produce continuous square pulse depends on the timing resistor and timing capacitor value.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required

  1. IC 555
  2. 1W white LED
  3. Variable Resistor 100KΩ
  4. Resistor 10KΩ, 10Ω/1w each one
  5. Capacitor 0.1µF, 0.01µF each one
  6. Battery
1 watt White LED

This 1 watt white LED will have two terminals named as Anode (+) and Cathode (-), if you want to run this circuit continuously then use a LED heat sink with 1 watt LED.

Construction & Working

Construction of this circuit begins with Timer IC 555 and timing elements Resistor R1 & RV1 then Capacitor C1. Timer IC Pin 8 and 4 connected to the positive terminal of battery and pin 1 to negative supply, pin 5 connected with negative supply through capacitor C2. Resistor R1, RV1 and Capacitor C1 connected serially and between Discharge pin 7, threshold pin 6 and trigger pin 2. Output pin 3 from timer IC 555 is connected with 1 Watt white LED through R2 Resistor.

Output Time (t) = 0.693(R1 + 2RV1).C Here RV1 value is current position Resistance value (because its variable Resistor) and not Whole RV1 Resistance value.

Depends on the timing elements value, ON and OFF square pulse generated by the timer IC 555 (Know more about 555 astable multivibrator) and output from pin 3 is applied to the white led, now the LED starts to blink according to the ON and OFF pulses.

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  1. I am using 1.5 X 2 volts alkaline AAA batteries , how to strobe 1 or 2 or 3 green lights in parallel , will NE7555 chip produce 100mA at 3V ? Should i use fets or transistors ? If I use voltage multiplier with inductor or capacitors will I get 100 mA at 3V .

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