ADC0804 Breakout Board PCB

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Some Microprocessors or Microcontrollers requires external Analog to Digital converter and may have low resolution ADC, in order to connect Input sensors with Microprocessors or controllers we need ADC with good resolution output. ADC0804 Breakout board PCB sketch is givern here with all necessary components.

ADC 0804 from texas instruments is a CMOS 8-bit successive approximation converter, that use a differential potentiometric ladder and it can operates with any 8-bit Microprocessor or micro controllers and also it act as a stand alone device.

ADC0804 Circuit Diagram



Bill of Material (BOM)

This ADC0804 breakout board can be used to interface with μP & μC with connectors. This breakout can handle input from different analog sensors and makes 8 bit digital output.

Make sure to connect regulated 5V DC as power input to the ADC breakout board and also use common ground between μP & μC and this ADC breakout board.

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