li ion battery charger circuit using 4056

li ion batteries are commonly used in handheld and Portable Electronic Devices. These Batteries are available in different Voltage, Current ratings and also Size. Depends upon applications we can choose one among them. Here li ion battery charger circuit using 4056 designed to charge battery cell with termination time.

IC LTC4056 from analog works as a single cell constant current / Constant voltage Li Ion Battery charger controller with a programmable termination timer. It uses few external components only. This LTC4056 forms very small stand alone charger for single cell lithium ion batteries.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required (BOM)

1C1, C21µFC_0805_2012Metric2
7J1, J2Screw_Terminal_01x02JWT_A3963_1x02_P3.96mm_Vertical2

Construction & Working

This Li Ion Battery charger circuit using 4056 takes input voltage from 4.5 V to 6.5 V and gives 4.2 V with maximum output current as 700 mA.

A PNP transistor provides current drive to battery output. Resistor R2 and Capacitor C2 acts as a timer and programming elements. Capacitor C1 filters the input supply.

Here the LED indicates the charging duration, when the timer has timed out that is terminating the charge cycle LTC4056 becomes shutdown. The CHARG’ pin is forced to high impedance state when input power is not Present. Refer datasheet for more details.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

li ion battery charger circuit using 4056 Gerber Files.

Interactive Board Viewer


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