Standalone Li-Ion Battery Charger Circuit LTC4054

For Compact and tiny Li-ion Battery we need specific Charger circuit with Limited voltage and current. Here is a simple Standalone Li-Ion Battery Charger Circuit using LTC4054 designed to deliver limited and Regulated output voltage, Current with thermal Regulation.

LTC4054 from analog is a complete Constant current / Constant Voltage linear charger for single cell Lithium – Ion batteries. It Requires few external components for its operation. This IC can be programmed by external Resistor and it can deliver charging current up to 800 mA.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required (BOM)


Construction & Working

This Standalone Li-ion Battery charger circuit is designed to charge battery with 4.2 V output and 600 mA output current.

Here C1 is performs filter operation to the Input Power supply and R1 acts as a Program Input Resistor, by Changing the value of R1 we can change the output Current value.

Due to TSOT-23, 5 lead plastic package this IC LTC4054 occupies small area and it Requires only two external components. If we need to indicate the charging status then we can add a LED to the CHRG’ pin. Refer datasheet for more information.

Printed Circuit Board

Standalone Li-Ion Battery Charger Circuit LTC4054 Gerber files.

Interactive Board Viewer


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