LP2950 Adjustable Micropower Voltage Regulator Circuit

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Voltage Regulators for micropower designs are not complex anymore, yes LP2950 Adjustable Micropower Voltage Regulator Circuit provides regulated output voltage at 100mA output current. IC LP2950 is a bipolar, low- dropout voltage regulator that can accommodate a wide range of input voltage range upto 30 Volt. LP2950 available in three pin package and with different output voltage range as 5V, 3.3V and 3V.

LP2950 has rated output current of 100 mA with low dropout 380 mV and also low quiescent current (75 μA), This three pin micro power voltage regulator provides good load regulation at low output current.

Circuit Diagram of Fixed Regulator

Circuit Diagram of Adjustable Regulator

Components Required

  1. IC LP2950
  2. Capacitor 1µF electrolytic = 2
  3. Resistor 220Ω, 100Ω each one
  4. Variable Resistor 1KΩ
  5. LED

Pin details of LP2950

Circuit Construction & Working

The LP2950 comes in fixed output voltage specification but here we designed two types of circuit that is, Fixed micropower voltage regulator circuit and Adjustable micropower voltage regulator. Due to its sufficient internal architecture the LP2950 requires few passive components to circuit implementation.

For Fixed Regulator C1 and C2 capacitors performs filter operation, LED indicates input voltage presence. For Adjustable Regulator Ground pin of LP2950 is connected between the Voltage divider Resistor setup, here RV1 Resistor is Variable one and R2 is Fixed one, By changing the value of RV1 Resistor we can Control the ground supply flow to the GND pin of LP2950 and we can change the output voltage.

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