75V to 10V DC DC Buck Converter Circuit

75V to 10V DC DC Buck Converter Circuit using IC LM5007 can be used as a non-isolated DC/DC buck Regulator, Secondary High Voltage Post Regulator and also some Automotive system requires High voltage DC to low voltage DC Conversion.

IC LM5007 from Texas Instruments is a 0.5A Step down switching converter features all of the function needed to implement a low cost and efficient buck Regulator. This High voltage converter has an Integrated 80-V, 0.7A N-Channel buck switch. It Requires no external operating supply and operates over an input voltage range of 9V to 75V. This IC comes in VSSOP and WSON packages.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required (BOM)

1C2, C40.1µFC_0805_2012Metric2
13J1, J2Screw_Terminal_01x02JWT_A3963_1x02_P3.96mm_Vertical2

Construction & Working

This circuit is designed to give 10V output from 12V to 75V DC input, Here Vin DC Supply directly applied to the Vin pin and C1, C2 Capacitors performs filter operation. Resistor R1 Connects Vin Pin and RON pin, this pin can be used to external shutdown control.

Vout Range can be controlled by value of R3 and R4 Resistors here, and these two Resistors connected between SW- Switching node pin and FB- Feedback signal pin. Output voltage line connected to the screw terminal J2. This circuit suitable for low current applications refer datasheet for more details.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

75V to 10V DC DC Buck Converter Circuit Gerber files.

Interactive Board Viewer


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