Basic Electronic Quiz 2 Questions and Answers

  1. What is the unit of electrical current?

  Ampere (A)

  Volt (V)

  Watt (W)

  Power (P)

Answer:   Ampere

2. What does LED stand for?

  Light Emitting Diode

  Light Emitting Device

  Low Energy Device

  Laser Emitting Diode

Answer:   Light Emitting Diode

3. Which of the following is not an example of a passive electronic component?





Answer:   Transistor

4. What is the function of a diode in an electronic circuit?

  To increase the voltage

  To decrease the voltage

  To control the current flow

  To rectify the current

Answer:   To rectify the current

5. Choose the right formula for calculating electrical power?

  P = VI

  P = IR

  P = V/R

  P = V/I

Answer:   P = VI

6. What is the Function of alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC)?

  AC flows in only one direction, while DC flows in both directions.

  AC changes direction periodically, while DC flows in only one direction.

  AC and DC are the same thing.

  AC and DC are completely different types of electricity.

Answer:   AC changes direction periodically, while DC flows in only one direction.

7. What is the use of a transformer in an electronic circuit?

  To amplify the signal

  To filter the signal

  To convert AC to DC

  To change the voltage level

Answer:   To change the voltage level

8. Which type of electronic component stores electrical charge?





Answer:   Capacitor

9. Choose the memory Chip that can be programmed and erased electronically?





Answer:   EPROM

10. What is the purpose of a transistor in an electronic circuit?

  To convert AC to DC

  To amplify or switch electronic signals

  To filter electronic signals

  To store electronic signals

Answer:   To amplify or switch electronic signals