Boost Converter Circuit Using MC34063 IC

Boost Converter Circuit Using MC34063 IC is designed with few external components and this IC is suitable for compact DC/DC boost converter circuit. The IC MC34063 is contains all the primary circuitry needed for building simple DC-DC converters.

Following Circuit is designed to boost Input voltage from 5V to 10V using single power supply source. This boost converter circuit is most suitable to drive or bias output actuators in the microcontroller or microprocessor based design.

IC MC34063

IC MC34063 Has wide input supply range between 3V to 40 Volt, It can provide high output switch current upto 1.5A we need to provide specific inductor. It can provide adjustable output voltage and has short circuit current limiting and low standby current. By using few external components we can implement this IC into buck, boost and inverting topologies.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required

  1. IC MC34063AP
  2. Schottky diode 1N5819
  3. Inductor 33µH
  4. Capacitor 100µF = 2
  5. Capacitor 270pF
  6. Resistor 0.3Ω, 1KΩ, 6.8KΩ, 180Ω each one

Construction & Working

Here IC MC34063 is implemented as DC-DC Boost converter and it will give output as 10V using input supply 5V, Connect every components as near as possible to the IC. After connecting all components in the circuit calculate the output voltage by using the following formula.

And take it as a theoretical output voltage range and apply bias to the circuit and check the output voltage and compare both. Due to the inductor value and specification the practical output voltage may vary slightly.

By using the internal temperature compensated reference, a comparator, an oscillator (100KHz), a PWM controller with active current limiting, a driver and a high current output switch this IC MC34063 can provide Specific output required for your design. Refer datasheet for more calculations.

This DC-DC buck/ boost switching regulator can be used in Telecommunication devices, portable electronic devices, Test & Measurement devices and consumer electronic devices.

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    1. Refer datasheet there you will find External Component Value Calculation depends on that you can choose external components to achieve 1.5A Current output.

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