LCR Tweezer Review

Testing passive components like Resistor, Capacitor and Inductor is easy when not fabricated in board or circuit. Once the element fabricated in printed circuit board it requires highest precision to measure the passive components, and some measurement methods won’t give proper value, Some multimeter and test equipment have large testing points and it is not recomended to test SMD (Surface Mount Device) passive components.

Inorder to solve these problems LCR research brings a unique way of testing THT (Through-hole technology) and SMD components that is LCR tweezer. It is like a normal tweezer and contains OLED display to show the components type and value.

The LCR Pro1 comes in handy size as normal as traditional tweezer, and measurement screen is good enough to display all values and informations related to component under test. It has rechargeable lithium-ion polymer internal battery and gets charge through USB port.

Key features:
*Give multiple measurement functions
*High Accuracy
*Five different test frequencies
*Three different test voltages

Parts of LCR Tweezer




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