Voltage Booster Circuit

Simple Voltage Booster Circuit designed by using LM2698 from texas instruments. IC LM2698 is a simple switcher 1.35A Boost Regulator. Suitable for 3.3 V to 5 V and 5 V to 12 V conversion. The LM2698 device is a general purpose PWM boost converter.

IC LM2698 has 1.9-A, 18 V, 0.2Ω internal switch it enables the LM2698 to provide efficient power conversion to output ranging from 2.2 V to 17 V. It can operate with input voltages as low as 2.2 V and as high as 12 V.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required

10J1, J2Screw_Terminal_01x02TerminalBlock_Altech_AK300-2_P5.00mm2

Construction & Working

To Operate as a boost converter circuit IC2698 Requires few external components only. It have adjustable frequency operation from 600 KHz to 1.2 MHz by connecting pin 7 (FSLCT) to Vin we can get operation frequency to 1.25 MHz, ground to 600 KHz, in this circuit we have choosed 600 KHz operation and hence we connected pin 7 to ground.. If you need shutdown option then connect switch to pin 3 and Ground. It is a active low pin when it feds ground supply then shutdown occurs.

The LM2698 is available in a low profile 8 – pin VSSOP package. Hence we can design booster circuit in small size.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Voltage Booster Circuit PCB Gerber files.

Interactive Board Viewer


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