1.5v to 3.3v converter

Last Updated on March 30, 2024

We all use AA Size or AAA size 1.5V battery in our daily life, Just a random thought to design boost converter circuit to boost 1.5V DC supply into 3.3V DC supply. Here 1.5V to 3.3V converter circuit designed by using MCP1640 from microchip with few external elements.

The MCP1640 is a compact,

high-efficiency, fixed frequency, synchronous step-up DC-DC converter. It can be used as a single cell or two cell battery power supply solution. This IC can give 100mA and 3.3V Vout by the 1.5V Vin supply and also gives 350mA , 3.3V Vout by the 2.4 Volt Vin supply. It has very low operating voltage as 0.35V and typical 3.3 Vout at 1 mA. MCP1640 has 500KHz PWM operation, this IC available in SOT-23 six pin package and DFN eight pin package.

Boost converter circuit designed by this MCP1640 can be used in 1.5V battery powered applications, IOT sensors etc.,

Circuit Diagram

Components Required (BOM)


Construction & Working

Here 1.5V to 3.3V converter circuit designed to boost voltage from 1.5V AA or AAA size battery. This circuit takes 1.5V supply to Vin pin, capacitor C1 performs input supply filtering operation. Inductor L1 connected between Vin and SW pins. Resistors R1, R2 are fixed values due to fixed frequency operation of MCP1640. Output 3.3V supply is taken from Vout pin and C2 performs output filtering. Here we can have 3.3 volt output at 100mA current.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

1.5V to 3.3V converter PCB Gerber files.

Interactive Board Viewer

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