Android apps for Electronics Professionals and students

Last Updated on December 2, 2017

     Mobile computing gets its fast track in this decade through Android operating system, almost every one have the android mobile in their pockets, for an electronics professional and students android platform gives lot of Apps and tools to learn, design and develop electronics.

 Here we have listed some of the best and free android apps available in the android play store, you can get these apps and play on it without any cost, these apps gives more productivity to the electronic students and professionals.

You can get these following apps in google play store by searching the term…


everycircuit app

This everycircuit app gives different circuits with different output waveform, we can choose the input voltage, input signal frequency or color of output waveform. This everycircuit app allows us to make changes in components values in order to run/simulate.


electrodroid app

Electrodroid app gives different necessary information and data on electronic components, SMD components, electronic calculations, pinouts and more… This app is most suitable to the electronics students who seek complete dictionary for electronics and components.

3.Arduinodroid – Arduino IDE

aruinodroid arduino ide app

This app is little large (210 Mbyte) hence it needs some free space in installing location on you android, By using this app we can write arduino code and upload to the arduino board, this app supports library functions and many common arduino boards available in the market. Get more information regarding this app on google play store.

4.Lessons in electric circuits

lessons in electric circuits app

This app gives basic and needed lessons in electric field such as basic AC theory, digital integrated circuits, algebra reference and many more.


droid tesla app

Droid Tesla app gives spice tool on your andorid device to simulate the electronic circuits and gives perfect waveforms, here you can simulate example circuits with different component values.

6.PIC micro Database

picmicro database app

Get all data sheet on PIC microcontroller and detailed specifications from this app, it is very easy and handy app to operate, search the part number of PIC microcontroller to get details.

7.Electronics Toolkit

electronics toolkit app

8.M32 Assembly

M32 assembly app

This app very useful to code assemble language programs and gives simulate output.

9.All Datasheet App

Datasheet app

10.RF pad calculator

RF pad calculator app


amplicalc app


filter calc app

13.Electrical calculations

electrical calculations apps

14.Timer IC calculator

timer ic 555 apps

15.Basic Electronics Engineering

basic electronics apps

16.Resistor color codes

resistor color code app

17.Electronics Formulas

Electronics fomulas apps

18.Electronics calculator

electronics calculator apps

These are the eighteen must need android app for every electronics professionals and students.

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