100 Watt transistor audio amplifier circuit

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

100 Watt transistor audio amplifier circuit constructed without any audio ICs and contains transistors only. This circuit has two preamplifier transistors and Four output stage power transistors.

This circuit can be easily assembled in common Printed circuit Board (dot PCB) or you can easily solder the circuit.

Circuit diagram-100 Watt Transistor Audio Amplifier

Construction & Working

This 100 Watt power amplifier circuit constructed with seven transistors, here two acts as a pre-amplifier (Q7, Q6) and Q1 to Q4 transistors are acts as a power output stage transistors, at the end sub woofer loud speaker connected as load.

This circuit requires 35V dual power supply (+35V, Gnd, -35V) and this circuit gives better impedance in both input and output.

Use heat sink to the power stage transistors Q1 to Q4 and utilize 100 w sub woofer speaker for better output response.

Do not give high voltage audio input and previously Check the minimum and maximum audio input range.

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    1. You require 35V- and 35V+ supply so us 24V- / Ground / 24V+ supply.i,e. dual supply. Thank you.

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